What We Offer


Our franchisees benefit from our iconic, instantly recognizable brand

Proceeding with an established brand means minimizing risks.

We’ll work with you to create a business plan custom-made for success. You’ll also benefit from constant support as we accompany you on your journey.

We’ll provide you with the training you need to properly run your shop or trailer

This includes teaching you all of our recipes and training you on:

sales analysis
business development

Why BeaverTails®?

  • Our operations feature simple steps with portioned and ready-to-use ingredients.
  • Only our franchisees have access to proprietary family of high-quality products.
  • You do not need to have food service experience to run an efficient BeaverTails operation!

Our Training Process

Our training program has one single objective:

Maximising your chances of success with our
iconically recognized brand.

The training spans over two weeks:

The first week takes place at our head office and at our corporate store.

The second week is in your new business.

This coaching allows you to be well prepared before opening your franchise, and to be supported during the launch of your new business.

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By The Numbers


Average of 14 annual openings for the last 6 years


Dozen of franchisees have been with us for over 10 years


40% of shop owners own more than 1 operation


Unaided positive recall of over 63% in Canada


Poutine growing 31% in the U.S.A


Ice cream #1 fun food globally

Our Brand Delivers

competitive food costs
an iconic brand
great quality of life
simple operations

Frequently Asked Questions


Although we are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times due to the delays created by Covid, we would normally be able to deliver a store anywhere between 6 – 8 months from the time of signing the franchise agreement.

We assist the franchisee in all steps of the build out and provide the design and have project managers that oversee the project for a fee.

The menu has already been determined and is constantly being updated for optimized sales and customer satisfaction. Like most franchise systems, we expect you to offer the full BeaverTails product range.

You first start by filling out the inquiry form on this site and soon afterwards you’ll be contacted for an in-person call with a member of our franchising team. During that call, you’ll be informed about the entire process which includes a full application, disclosure, and Discovery Day attendance.


We don’t like malls! The rent is too expensive, and we strive to ensure every franchisee’s financial success. We have a targeted annual gross rent that we look for and most malls bust the budget.

No Problem! In fact, most of the franchisees that sign on with us don’t have a location already secured…we’ll do that together.

We offer a site search service with your franchise fee. Once you’ve signed your franchise agreement and paid your franchise fee, we kick off the cooperative site search initiative to find you the best site possible.


No, the lease that you will sign is between you and the landlord, however we do get involved in the process to ensure that the lease includes certain criteria that meet the BeaverTails corporate requirements.

No, financing should be secured with a third-party financial institution, however we do have relationships with certain banks that will help the process go more smoothly.

This can vary greatly from one location to another, however our ROI, weather measured in percentage of in years, is very competitive and even beats most other comparable F&B franchise business models. We can expand during the disclosure step of the franchise approval process.

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